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You can use a specially designed cap  for your NIKON dSLR and enter a new creative world.

The Pinhole Lens Cap (PLC) is compatible with all Nikon F mount cameras both digital and analog and simulates the photo/photographic characteristics (soft focus, color leaks, high color saturation, etc) of the traditional pinhole, the Holga and the Lomo (and Lomography) cameras.

PLC Characteristics
Flange Focal Length (NIKON F Mount): 46.5mm
Pinhole Diameter: 0.30–0.31mm
F-Stop: 160-150
Optimal diameter: 0,288
Sunny Day Exposure Speed:  1/2 Sec (100 ISO), 1/4 Sec (400 ISO), 1/8  Sec (800 ISO)

 How to use the PLC?
1) Turn off your camera
2) Insert the PLC gently in the body mount and turn it clockwise until the PLC has been locked.
3) Turn on your camera and select the Manual (M) Mode
4) Set the appropriate Speed (the aperture of PLC is f/150-160 and does not change).
5) Start shooting.

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